A new Empire rises
From r3booz - 31.12.2011
I created my old website with an German website development kit and wrote my first programs which are, to be honest totally useless. My basic knowledge of computers wasn't really far ahead and i began with PureBasic, a real Basic compiler, simple programs like:

Dateiuebertragungsprogramm (file transfer program) - never ever worked

Geheimnachrichtenprogramm (secret message program) - who else would thought that md5 is a encryption algorithm. \_(O.o)_/

You can check this old historical stuff out at
this page.
Topwords: old, website, games, table, de.tl, webdev
About r3booz
Summary of my day:

"C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot; C++ makes it harder, but when you do it blows your whole leg off."
- Bjarne Stroustrup, 2007
News - 2DEngine Mini Demo
A first Mini Demo of my selfmade 2DEngine is ready! Check it out!
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