RadEngine Alpha (2DEngine)
From r3booz - 07.06.2016
The RadEngine is a Engine for 2D applications and game develpoment based up on the following libraries:

  • SDL - Input and Event handling
  • OpenGL/GLEW - Graphic output
  • DevIL - Graphic input
  • FreeType2 - Font input
  • OpenAL - Audio output
  • SDL_net - Networking and multiplayer
  • LUA 5 - Mods and user customization
  • curl - HTTP and FTP handling
  • RadResourceLibrary - Resource compression

Trello Page - Dev Plan

You could download a little free demo below, it will only work if your display support the minimal resolution of 1366x768 and OpenGL 2.1

Update v2:
  • Added enemies
  • Added simple Collision System with Bounding Boxes
  • Bugfixes
  • Adf.ly removed
  • Zip instead of 7zip
2DEngine Alpha Demo
The 2DEngine is a self developed engine for 2D applications and games, a mini demo is available for download.

Version: Demo v2 - 2016-06-22
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News - 2DEngine Mini Demo
A first Mini Demo of my selfmade 2DEngine is ready! Check it out!
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