C++ - RadResourceLibrary
From r3booz - 06.09.2016
Description see below, instructions are inside the Zip file.

Update Beta v4:
  • Bugfixes
  • LUA/LUA Compiled ID added

  • Included CMD program for simple creation

Update Beta v3:
  • Bugfixes

Update Beta v2:
  • Minimal id is now 1
  • -> Return id for errors is now 0
  • Added findIDbyName to get resource id from resource (file) name
  • Bugfixes
C++ - RadResourceLibrary
The RadResourceLibrary is part of my RadLibrary Collection. The task of this Library is to pack multiple files, compressed or uncompressed, in one binary file and have the possibility to load it direct into memory or extract it back to a file. The main purpose is to act as resource container for my programs including my 2DEngine/RadEngine.

Version: Beta v4 - 2016-11-19
Topwords: c++, c, rad, resource, library, 2dengine
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